About the project

The ‘Co Library’ is a MSc. thesis by Aditya Pawar which was concluded in 2012. This site is an archive of the work. The project was conducted under the supervision of  Bruno Ninaber (Studio Ninaber),  Aadjan Van Der Helm (Studiolab, TUdelft) and Geert van den Boogaard (DOK library concept center)

The basic question this project seeks to answer is – How can we widen usage and make libraries more accessible to the public?. The problem area is further focused on alternative delivery models and services pertaining to co-location of library facilities in the public domain.

To sum up,

The project is to design a product service for the library that acts as a decentralized touch point, fitting to co-location considerations & user needs.

To do this,

The project aims for the library to come across more prominently as a local-communal institution;  supporting the development of civil networks and relationships in the city. The project further stresses on ‘debate and communication’ and ‘user-generated content’ as an important area the future library should engage in.





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