Open Edit: Mobile Library in Colombo

Asia Art Archive and Raking Leaves in partnership with Groundviews and University of Jaffna jointly present Open Edit: Mobile Library in Sri Lanka at Christa Seva Ashram, Chuunakam, Jaffna.

Following its first edition in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011, the Mobile Library will travel to Sri Lanka, making its first appearance in South Asia. In its ambitious second edition, Raking Leaves and AAA will launch the Sri Lanka Archive of Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design. Second copies of many of the materials in the Sri Lankan archive will become part of AAA’s collection, enriching the Archive’s representation of Sri Lanka.

The Mobile Library collection is comprised of 400 books, exhibition catalogues, periodicals, and monographs. Beginning in Jaffna, the Mobile Library will be housed at Christa Seva Ashram for three months while the University of Jaffna’s Fine Arts (Art History) and Art and Design Departments will integrate the library and its materials into their day-to-day curriculum activities. The project will be accompanied by a series of programmes targeting artists, students, creative professionals, teachers, and academics. The project will also invite students and teachers from the Eastern University in Batticoloa and the Visual and Performing Arts University, Colombo, to utilise the rich array of materials in the archive.

The accompanying art exhibition features a mix of aspiring and established artists among whom are: J. Abiramie, Muhanned Cader, Marisa Gnanaraj, S. Hanusha, Sharni Jayawardena and Malathi de Alwis, T. Krishnapriya, S. Puranthara, P. Pushpakanthan, G. Samvarthini, N. Savesan, K. Suresh, T. Thajendran, Pradeep Thalawatta, Chandraguptha Thenuwara, Thisath Thoradeniya (working with Kumari Kumaragamage and Janananda Laksiri) and M. Vijitharan. The project is funded by Burger Collection and the Foundation for Arts Initiatives.


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