Danmarks Biblioteksforening – Borgerservice

Source: Danmarks Biblioteksforening – Borgerservice.

The citizen service- library practice is happening in Denmark, the overview of the models and their geographical spread is given below.  Excuse any english language errors, the below text is g-translated from danish to english.

Model 1:

Citizens Tasks carried out by citizens’ public in libraries (Local Community)

Model 2:

Expert Tasks performed by specially trained in a fixed period of libraries. (Event Rating)

Model 3:

Selected tasks down into the library and performed by library people. There are differences in the breadth and range of tasks
performed by library people.

#Model 3: Selected tasks down into library and performed by library people
Examples of services in Lystrup, Mode & Harlev:
• Health insurance
• Passports
• Relocation of registered address
• Taxation
• Medical Change
• Housing
• Holiday pay
• submit bills from chiropodist

#Model 3: Selected tasks down into
library and performed by library people
Examples of services Brønderslev Bookmobile:
• Building permits
• Family allowance
• Children
• Day-care facilities
• Move Reviews
• Joining the youth club
• Driving Distance
• Medical Appointment
• Television license
• Passports
• Pension
• Maintenance
• Heating Supplement
•. And supply of batteries for hearing aids

Model 5:

Citizens Tasks performed by different categories of staff in combination with other extroverted citizen related activities eg. tourism, cultural functions, SSP, childminders and welcome to foreign immigrants.

Other models (6):
Less common academic initiatives. For example. of local IT solutions teaching Borger.dk and other digital citizen-oriented activities.


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