Libraries in Transit

I already mentioned the biblio metro (madrid), now for some more ‘libraries in transit’ around the world…

1. Below is a book vending machine called Library-a-Go-Go which caries about 400 popular titles. You just have to be a member, swipe a card and your commute becomes more pleasant. This library system operates in transit stations, shopping malls and under-served areas in the suburban landscapes.

2. Santiago, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Bogota have the bibliometro (metro-library) or biblioestacion (station-library) in busy transit hubs. These public libraries are larger than the vending machine carrying around 1500 books and are also much more personalized. The goal for these libraries is to give access to books to everyone.

3.  In Bogota, millions of books circulate around the city through the Transmilenio, the well-known BRT through a different program. It is called “Libro al Viento” (books on the wind) and was created to promote readership all around the city. The books are free, but their motto, which is written in the back of every book is: “this is a ‘libro al viento,’ it is for you to read and for others to read as well. For this reason, you should return it when you are done and take another one.”

Reading activity with the book Peter and Wendy Book Collection in the wind

4. Bookcrossing combines the idea of  ‘’ with books. People leave books at random locations, and other people pick it and after reading leave them in random locations for them to be picked up again. My friend once found a book in a changing room of a fashion boutique. And you can also track where all the book has traveled on its website.

BookCrossing Sticky

4. Another class of libraries is the mobile library.  They now seem to be used mainly for rural areas & smaller towns. Given below are some pictures from around the world.

bookmobile bus, japan

donkey library

bookmobile bus, chile

bibliocaretta, columbia

camel library, kenya

And here, is a really amusing video about the donkey library!

4. Everyones been raving about the success of Netflix, it was obvious that a similar service would be introduced with books. Here is BookSwim, that does exactly that.


A similar service The Caravan Project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, is an innovative partnership of non-profit publishers, booksellers and libraries. Their  participating publishers have released Caravan books, all unabridged, in e-book, digital audio and large-print formats (print on demand). Many of these are simple downloads.

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2 thoughts on “Libraries in Transit

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  2. Greetings from Australia!
    Thank you so much for posting this. I will be sending the link to many librarian and children’s author friends, and also posting it on my blog
    All best wishes

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