Museums and libraries in the Digital Age ~ MacArthur Foundation

The Futures of Learning blog, which is associated with a MacArthur Foundation project, just announced a new blog series that reports on the literature review conducted as part of the project, Inspiring the Technological Imagination: Museums and Libraries in a Digital Age

Funded by the MacArthur Foundation as part of the Digital Media and Learning initiative, this project addresses one of the four key questions that defines the initiative: How might institutions change to take advantage of the learning opportunities provided by new digital media?

Conclusions of the study – futures of learning (complete article – here)

Although the Library of Congress initiated its NDIIPP program with the aim of creating a shared infrastructure and policies for the preservation of national heritage, it is also currently focused upon access and participation, with the launch of a collaboration with as a key example (Springer et al., 2008). This collaboration leverages existing commercial social media networks to facilitate forms of user contributions such as comments and tags. A report on the success of the pilot program mentions that the collaboration between the Library and Flickr led the website to establish The Commons and serve as a link between digital image archives and various publics. On its website, Flickr claims its twin goals with the project are:

1. To increase access to publicly-held photography collections, and

2. To provide a way for the general public to contribute information and knowledge.

While the Library of Congress seeks to make its collections available to more visitors than could reach its physical location, as will be discussed in our next posting, local libraries are working to create physical settings that promote learning in the digital age.

The MacArthur foundation has been active in other areas for example – democratizing media, the video below gives example of some of their projects . They include:

Public radio exchange

Global Voices

Caravan books

Source:  experientia , and further reading


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