Delft Gemeente- 1st presentation

So, today me and Geert spoke to Simone (project head spoorzone, municipality of Delft), who is incharge of the Spoorzone (station zone) project in Delft to see if it was possible to integrate the library as part of it.  In the spoorzone, the station sees the merging of public/civil space (in charge of the delft municipality) and the high human traffic transit zone ( in charge of the prorail) make the space very lucrative for a transit library.

The building is being designed by mecanoo architects. Images via there website are given below:

More about the spoorzone project and various collaborators can be found – Here (In dutch).

We presented some ideas and discussed how we derived at them.  The exact service provided and the spacial design are still to be worked upon. I was amused at the hour and a half long meeting where detailed architecture plans were discussed with Simone, who spoke in Dutch and i in english, we understood each other perfectly!.

The ideas presented are in not new, they have been around from the time of julius ceaser!, actually even before – from the time of the four great civilizations. The challenge is to re interpret them to technological, socio-cultural trends and adapt it to the city of Delft.

More about the ideas…

i). The transit library: This one i see more in line with the biblio metro (of which, i use the image). But, coupled with social activities or ‘slow read’ (following from the slow-trend) cocooned spaces.

ii). The dialogue cafe and story booth: Both of them are existing projects, ideally i should not use the same names but for illustrative purposes its ok. The name is only indicative of the philosophy which is collaboration, freedom of expression, social cohesion, empowering civilians. It follows from trends of participatory governance,civilian journalism and ofcourse the projects like dialogue cafe, story corps , daily booth and life blogs.

iii). Pop up libraries: This follows from the trends of pop up retail which is becoming fairly common as it it targets specific occasions and people. It often has a specific theme for example –  ‘bridal’, ‘sustainable’  or ‘christmas’. Some example projects can be seen- here and here. To sketch a scenario- if you look at a flower retailer, he could easily display/lend out content (media, books, info.) related to gardening, sustainability or Ikebana. Thus, the concept targets retailers as library patrons. Possibly schemes like getting a discount if you buy flowers from your library card or borrow a book and return it by self addressed mail could be introduced.

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