Interviews at DOK

The employees of DOK were interviewed – librarians, people in the innovation and technology department, marketing and communications guys. The talks were in the form of semi structured interviews, often challenging them with ideas (that you can see in the gemeente 1st presentation).

The open ended questionnaire:

I. Vision

– What is the mission statement of DOK?

– What are the reasons you would give if you want to recommend DOK to your friends? / What is the main message that DOK wants to communicate to its users ?

II. Role of libraries in the future (imagine DOK 10 years from now)

-How do you see the role of the library as information content providers?

– What are the kind of people who come here? and what are the kinds that dont? what about the tough to target users (age group 16 to 25)? What about minorities and special need groups?

– How do you see the role of technology in DOKs future (e.g. digitisation, web based lending)?

– How does commercial partnerships affect public trust in the library? any other issue (positive and negative) that

you can think of regarding private partnerships?

– What are the users expectations and complains?

– What is the changing role of the librarian?

III. Location and the library:

– Does the library of the future (DOK) need to have a dedicated building?

– What about co-location? potential threats and opportunities?

IV. How do you measure your success? performance of the library?

V. Miscellaneous

– How is the library funded? any cases of self funding

V. Personal Details

– Name, Job in DOK, No. of years in DOK

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