My ‘Interaction Vision’ for future libraries…

Project interaction vision: The Co-located library

I started out with a couple of words, got from interviews of DOK employees and my readings on the the future of the library. These were shortlisted into the finalists, keywords that would drive my design.

1. Return value: People should keep returning to use the service.

2. Locally relevant: Relevant to Delft as a city and to the location the library is situated

3. Social: Getting people to share stories, information and react to each other as a responsible whole.

4. Providing Digital content (with or without books)

5. Needs of ’ease of accessibility for most user groups. Especially the marginalized groups.

6. Tangibility: The humanistic aspects of libraries should be reflected in the designs. Apart from the tangibility could be coupled with ‘unexpected content’, offering a low-threshold, pleasing experience.

7. Trust: The service should not abuse the trust the public have in the library system

8. Facilitating role: The library does give power to the people, but provides a platform to channel the discussions, output, viewpoints towards a socially relevant end. It acts as a mirror to society.

9. Scalability: The concept should be scalable to other libraries or locations of use.

10. Unexpected Content: Element of surprise,that keeps getting back people to look at libraries as interesting places to visit.

11. Museum quality: A visual show-stopper. Visual semantics that makes people curious to use the space/product.

Visual Scheme

 Image ‘visual scheme’ via : Expressions- Embodiment in the experience of design

The finalists…

  • SURPRISING (visually exciting)


An to end the list, an inspiring few words by Gordon Quinn, from  Kartemquin Films, which produces inspiring documentaries with an aim towards a broader effect on society, he was one of nine recipients of the MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions in 2007.

What he says about movies is definitely true about libraries. I have been going and asking people, how do you measure the success of a library, the usual answers are the number of books borrowed, the number of visitors and the hours they spend there. But in reality, the value of the library cannot be measured solely by numbers, there is a social relevance to it which is equally if not more important, which can be measured through ‘people’s narratives’ and the psycho- emotional impact it has on them.

Now for the Mr Gordon…

Below – ‘This Week in Libraries 4’: A good discussion summarizing the future of libraries. The panels has
Helene Blowers – Digital Strategy Director for the Columbus Metropolitan Library (,
Michael Stephens – Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois (, David Lee King – Digital Branch & Services Manager at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (

This Week in Libraries #4: Helene Blowers, Michael Stephens and David Lee King. from Jaap van de Geer on Vimeo.


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