Steve portigal on ‘reading ahead’

On Steve’s blog – all this chittah chattah, i found them to be doing a self sponsored study of reading habits of people. The project can be found here – Reading ahead.

The main conclusions that he derives from the study are:

  • Books are more than just pages with words and pictures; they are imbued with personal history, future aspirations, and signifiers of identity
  • The unabridged reading experience includes crucial events that take place before and after the elemental moments of eyes-looking-at-words
  • Digital reading privileges access to content while neglecting other essential aspects of this complete reading experience
  • There are opportunities to enhance digital reading by replicating, referencing, and replacing social (and other) aspects of traditional book reading.

Added to this some comments of my friends on reading and books (over a cup of coffee @ IO cafeteria):

“each book is kind of like an indication of your interests” ~ Hironori Yoshida

“I have started this blog – bookswap. Everyone types in the books they have, and then you can borrow it from them. Books are fucking expensive! thats why a distrubuted collective library works” ~ Tal Benisty

“Fabrique has this UX book club, you read a book (this week it is Jon Kolkos- thoughts on interaction design) and discuss it together with other members” ~ Tal


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